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Our Hybrid blends brings the best of both worlds.  Get the level of high you’re looking for with the mental alertness to tackle your day.



A Sativa that both motivates and stimulates your mind.  Our Sativa will lift anyone’s spirits.  



The perfect Indica for any situation. This is a true cannabis cart for the cannabis lover in all of us.

Highland Lights are our unique way of introducing a lower dose to our consumers.

While most are looking for “the highest THC”, we strive on creating products with everyone in mind. We believe in having the perfect ratio for each person. If you are looking for a lighter dose of THC, these are for you. Perfectly balanced with the right amount of terpenes and THC to give you the high you are looking for.

Mindful lights

Uplift lights

Unwind lights

Highland’s Premier Premium Concentrates 100% cannabis derived terpenes with amazing flavor! Primer live resin sauces!



Our hybrid concentrate brings together both body and mental high. Feel the difference in your high while maintaining your productivity to the maximum.



This concentrate is an easy choice for sativa lovers. The mental energy received brightens up your day and keeps you motivated all day long.



Get ready for an experience that all concentrate fans will be on board with. The feeling is exactly why we named our indica concentrate “Float”. Take a dab, relax, and feel your body enjoy the benefits of cannabis.

Highland is a brand that is brought to you directly from the Lab that creates it.

The Hive laboratory was established in 2017. Our facility is a Commercial
Cannabis Manufacturing facility that focuses on creating vape cartridges,
premium infused pre-rolls, as well as co-packaging the leading brands of
cartridges, tinctures, patches, concentrates etc. We are the first commercial packaging facility on the central coast of California and we are growing fast! We pride ourselves in creating quality products down to a science. Our team is comprised of enthusiastic, hardworking, passionate people. They take their craft very seriously and it shows in the quality and consistency of our products. We only use the highest quality cannabis because we know that quality cannabis oil starts with the plant. We have a farm to lab, lab to table style approach. We know by being present in each step of the process we can cultivate and insure the best quality possible.