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Farm to Lab, Lab to Table.

Daydreaming in the afternoon sun. That deep breath after meditation. The first stretch in the early morning. Walking around the city at night with your best friends. The accomplished feeling you get when your creativity flows. Laughing until your sides ache. Feeling the wind in your hair when you drop into the bowl on your fresh new deck. Finally catching the perfect set when surfing in the frigid ocean. Reaching the peak of a long and difficult hike. Finding inner peace in unexpected ways.

Those are some of the things in life that we cherish. Here at Highland we strive to recreate not only those types of experiences but also an experience, you will find, that can enhance those moments. High quality, clean, flavorful cannabis products. It’s that simple.

Highland is a brand that is brought to you directly from the Lab that creates it. The Hive laboratory was established in 2017. Our facility is a Commercial Cannabis Manufacturing facility that focuses on creating vape cartridges, premium infused pre-rolls, as well as co-packaging the leading brands of cartridges, tinctures, patches, concentrates etc. We are the first commercial packaging facility on the central coast of California and we are growing fast! We pride ourselves in creating quality products down to a science. Our team is comprised of enthusiastic, hardworking, passionate people. They take their craft very seriously and it shows in the quality and consistency of our products.

We only use the highest quality cannabis because we know that quality cannabis oil starts with the plant. We have a farm to lab, lab to table style approach. We know by being present in each step of the process we can cultivate and insure the best quality possible.

Our process is universally known and trusted. Highland utilizes cryo-hydrocarbon extraction, a proprietary multi-step filtration process, and falling film evaporators to create a winterized THC crude oil. Once the crude is degassed we use state-of-the-art thin-film distillation equipment to manufacture consistent high-potency, top color-grade finished distillate . The final process is packaging and delivery. It’s all us. We partner with cultivators to source the best locally grown CannabisM. We own the Lab. We own the manufacturing facility that packages our products. We own the distribution company that delivers right to the dispensary. It’s that simple. Farm to lab, lab to table.