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One ingredient,
One great product.

Quality down to a science.

Highland has one goal in mind. To produce the highest quality product using the most advanced techniques on the market.

From soil to oil, we work with the best local cultivators, use only cannabis derived terpenes and utilize this amazing plant at its entirety. Highland is a brand brought straight to you from our prodigious lab here in Grover Beach. We strive to produce top of the line products because  here at Highland, our brand is our legacy. 

All natural cannabis product 100% derived from the plant.

Third party tested for potency and safety.

The highest quality cannabis products available.



Our Hybrid blends brings the best of both worlds. Get the level of high you’re looking for with the mental alertness to tackle your day.


A Sativa that both motivates and stimulates your mind. Our Sativa will lift anyone’s spirits.



The perfect Indica for any situation. This is a true cannabis cart for the cannabis lover in all of us.

Our process is universally known and trusted.

Highland partners with cannabis cultivars that understand that the quality of cannabis products start and end with how the plant is cultivated. We only work with cultivars who have the same integrity in growing cannabis as we do in processing it. We only use cannabis derived terpenes as well as full spectrum cannabinoids to get the best benefit from cannabis possible. In an industry that is ever changing our process and products are always ever evolving to meet the most leading-edge quality possible. You can trust that our state-of-the-art facility utilizes strategies and formulas that dominate the cannabis market in both ingenuity and prodigious technique. The only thing that stays the same is the consistency of quality in our products. 


Our hybrid concentrate brings together both body and mental high. Feel the difference in your high while maintaining your productivity to the maximum.


This concentrate is an easy choice for sativa lovers. The mental energy received brightens up your day and keeps you motivated all day long.


Get ready for an experience that all concentrate fans will be on board with. The feeling is exactly why we named our indica concentrate “Float”. Take a dab, relax, and feel your body enjoy the benefits of cannabis.